Agile HR Community offers certified training programs in Agile capabilities for non-IT professionals.

Our certifying process is built on rigorous knowledge, and learners are assessed by experienced trainers. 

The participants are assessed on: 

  • Applying what they have learnt to example cases
  • Finishing digital self-managed studies
  • Evidencing the participant’s skills to apply the mindset, tools, practices and methods in their real work.
Certification group image
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Certificate & Badge

A certification awarded by Agile HR Community evidences the participant displaying proof of understanding the mindset, having applied the learnt skills to example projects and having the ability to independently deepen their knowledge through research.

Our certification programs have continuous feedback loops built in, to offer the participant ongoing strengthening feedback. The participant’s materials have are evaluated by peer feedback and assessed by a professional trainer.

Our learning programs are built to establish lasting new behaviours and habits. 

We incorporate self-managed learning, experience based learning, application to projects, social learning in groups, self-managed research around a certain theme, frequent self-reflection, and peer and trainer feedback into the learning journeys. This creates so called “sticky habits”, which leads to lasting change. 

What's unique with our certification programs compared to other?

  • Our certification programs are built to establish lasting new habits and a strong Agile mindset. They run over 4-12 weeks, creating spacing to digest the content. Many other certification programs run over 2-4 consecutive days. The overload of information and the lack of spacing between learning leads to a more shallow learning of the new content. 
  • Our HR programs are built on the basis of the Agile People Ops Capability model (C), describing the capabilities of a professional Agile HR practitioner.
  • Our Business Agility programs are built on program specific learning objectives and proof of application skills. 
  • We certify against evidence of application skills and require active presence during classes. In our classes people walk away with a confidence that they are able to apply Agile in their own context. While some vendors are certifying against answering a tick-in-the-box test about knowledge or just by participation in their class, we have chosen differently. 
  • Our certifications do not expire. We train for lasting skills, we haven’t built a business around renewals of your certificate every other year.  
  • Our certification programs include learning through doing,  working in agile teams, where the participants apply learning to example projects. The teams collaborate throughout the whole program on their example project, thus deepening understanding and including different perspectives in understanding Agile. 
  • Our certification is awarded by a trainer who looks for evidence that the learner has understood and is able to apply what they have learnt. 
  • The trainers give tailored feedback of the group’s application, thus bringing in another round of corrective or acknowledging feedback.  

The pass rate for our certifications are around 97% for public programs and 80% for corporate inhouse programs. The feedback we get is that our classes requires investing time, but is very rewarding!

For non-certified programs we award digital badges with explanation of the learning objectives and content. This is to award people digital proof of participation solely.

Our certifications are individual, unique, ID-coded, and hosted on Accredible, one of the global leaders for secure certificates. 

Programs awarded with certificates & an e-badge

The programs awarded with a digital badge​

All participants are awarded an e-badge for participation. The badge is hosted on Accredible with an explanation of the course content and learning objectives.