Over the last few years, the Agile HR community has grown rapidly through regular face-to-face meetups, webinars and other events across the globe. Anyone can be part of our community, all you need is an interest in modern, human centric organisations and work. Join the community by subscribing to our newsletter.

Our events feature pioneering professionals from organisations at various stages along their Agile adventure as well as subject matter experts.

The focus is also on interaction with like-minded people, sharing experiences, tips & tricks and witnessing the power of Agile HR and Agile firsthand.

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Our meetups

A core mission for us at Agile HR Community is ensuring that there are plenty of free resources for people to learn. With that in mind, we’ve gathered all our meetup recordings, which you can watch on demand at your leisure.

There are meetups of various types, including detailed accounts on how both small businesses and Fortune 500 firms are leveraging agile in their teams and organisations. 

Take a look at our latest meetups below, and get stuck into a world of Agile. If you have a case study that you want to share with the community and think others can learn from it, get in touch below.


Sometimes great questions are all we need to ignite the modernisation of the People function. This is what’s happened at Experian’s Talent and Leadership team.


We have the honour to present our guest, Sarah Bullock, Agile Delivery Lead – Talent and Learning at Experian. Experian is an American–Irish multinational data analytics and consumer credit reporting company. Experian collects and aggregates information on over 1 billion people and businesses.


Sarah will share with us the inspiring story of an evolutionary journey of increasing Agile maturity across the T&L team. Experian’s T&L team has been on their Agile journey for almost a year!


We’ll also follow the personal learning journey of Sarah, going from being an “agile sceptic” to leading Agile transformation across the T&L team.

Virtual Agile HR Meetups - both for beginners and experienced Agilists in HR

In response to the pandemic we started with virtual meetups around different Agile HR themes.

We have introductory meetups for beginners and meetups for the more seasoned Agilist with in-depth cases, examples and insights from our community members and practitioners.

By joining our meetups you will network with international like minded Agilists (see map)

Most of the meetups are free of charge and open to anyone.

The virtual meetings have worked extremely well, with us reaching an engaged and enthusiastic global community. We’ve decided virtual is the main channel for our meetups going forward, too.

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Agile HR Virtual Meetups

We are thrilled to offer world class speakers and share case studies from our customers to our community! 

Join our meetups to hear how i.e. Netflix, Sky, Volvo, Columbia Sportswear, ANZ (bank), Lockheed Martin and companies alike are applying Agility in their people operations, businesses and organisations. 

These meetups are best suited for people with experience in Agile: we won’t cover basics, but dive straight into the deeper end of the pool!

Events will focus on

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Agile HR Introductions

Monthly we welcome beginners to join a 45 minute session where we talk you through an introduction to Agile HR.

This session covers some of the basics of Agile HR, and also offers you a brief insight into Agile HR Community’s training programs. These sessions are open for everyone.

Bring your team to get first hand information from pioneers in the field!

Events will focus on

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Peer learning sessions

Peer learning meetups are 45 minute sessions run by our Agile Lead Trainers. These are exclusively offered for Agile HR Certified Practitioners who are certified by Agile HR Community. 

These sessions are to share experiences and tips around certain themes and to network with peers around the world. 

After a brief introduction to the theme the members discuss, share examples, experiences and learn from each other.

Events will focus on

Would you be happy to share your learning with your peers?

We’re continuously connecting with in-house teams who are delivering amazing people experiences and organisational services and products.

Does your team have an Agile case study? Are you doing modern people product development or designing a modern HR service that you’d like to share in our community? Please don’t hesitate to send us a short note with your case/theme idea, and we’ll evaluate if your case is suitable and the timing right the community.