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Agile Business Certified Practitioner


What is the Agile Business Certified Practitioner?

The Agile Business Certified Practitioner training program is developed to establish a professional, deeper and broader understanding of what Agile is all about. You’ll also get practical methods, experience and exercise in Agility, becoming skilled at applying agility into different contexts.

This program will help you create a common understanding of the Agile mindset and operation logic, and understand how Agile teams work through practice and experiential learning. People walk away from our Agile Business Certified Practitioner training program with a strong Agile mindset, the practical skillset to bring Agile alive in their own teams and organisations, and an ability to support agile organisational development and business agility. The program is hands-on, practical, full with tools and methods to use in your own work. In the program you will be working with a groups, doing Agile exercises, applying Scrum and Design Thinking together in a fast-paced engaging learning environment. This program has been tailored through tens of iterations with business professionals in commercial, sourcing, quality, supply chain, marketing, sales and product development/R&D. Leadership teams have started their Agile change journey with this program, to set up for success and a deeper understanding of expectations towards leading Agility.

People have loved the interactive way of working in groups, sharing of ideas and experience and getting feedback from each other. This program will require you to invest time and effort, and when you do, we promise it will pay off!

Why should you attend this program?

  • Your organisation is moving towards Agile operating models and you want to support the teams in this transformation.
  • Your leaders need to understand the strategic business imperative behind Agile, enabling the Agile way of working
  • You want to fast track adoption of self-managing principles, innovation and agility within your team or business
  • You want to establish professional Agile practices in and with your team
  • You are a key contributor to an Agile change or Agile product development initiative
  • You appreciate a training partner that speaks your language and has been working with in-house change for decades.
  • You want to get started with adopting Agile ways of working without committing to a certain scaled model.
  • You are coordinating the dependencies between non-agile and agile parts of the organisation and must understand the dynamics
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2021
High intensity with high value! The course offers a massive amount of information for ALL things Agile with an easy to use Looop site/app to guide your learning and provide content in “bite size” links. You will walk away with a variety of tools and concepts to begin implementing Agile in your ways of working.
Sarah Scott, Human Capital Consultant at Trinet
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2021
Engaging, practical, interactive and thought provoking. I can see so many applications for what I have learnt
Fiona Fernandez, Global HR & Organisational Development Manager at Biocair
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2021
Changing the way a big, global team works and thinks seems like a huge task, and yet I feel we’ve achieved that in the 8 weeks of this training, being constantly reminded of the values and principles that should guide us.
Katarina Lovrencic, Senior People Operations Business Partner at Infobip
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2021
Mind-set shifting, fast paced and lots of work but so worth it! I feel really energised, enthusiastic and confident about applying what I have learned. Online worked really well – I’d recommend it.
Michelle Bailey, Managing Consultant at People Essentials Limited
Benefits of the Agile Business Certified Practitioner training program
  • Understand why organisations are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for businesses and the future of work
  • Get practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Agile to your own work
  • Gain skills in practical customer centricity by design thinking and co-creation methods.
  • Learn to manage risk and prioritise a backlog of initiatives and work by adaptive planning practices.
  • Boost your team's or your own productivity and effectiveness through Agile
  • Lead successful projects, build amazing products and services that your customers and users actually want and need
  • Understand the logic behind an agile organisation, and the different models that companies uses to scale agility.
  • Get insights about your own role in the change - in a team, as a leader, as a decision maker or stakeholder.
  • Discover what happens with Agility in your domain expertise area. (i.e. Supply chain, Hardware, Sourcing, Quality, Communications...)
  • Be awarded for evidenced skills by an individual certification.

Contents of the Agile Business Certified Practitioner training program


We will start with a kick off session (1 h) where we’ll meet and greet each other. We’ll also walk the group through the learning journey, expectations, time commitment, team work, certification requirements and answer any questions. Thereafter we will do learning in four 1 week sprints (click on tabs below to read content)

  • Business Value
  • Agile Context
  • Introduces Agile mindset, as a response to an increasingly complex business environment, & explores implications for the business and the future of work.

    Business Value focus – how can you communicate the business case for your product or project? Business, End-customer and employee value.

    Introducing contextuality – agile approaches differ according to industry, maturity and readiness.

  • Co-create
  • Human Centric
  • Innovate within contraints
  • Evidence-based
  • Agility starts with deeply understanding customer/user value and needs. Strengthen your customer centric approach by applying design thinking techniques, including personas & experience mapping, to prototype & validate a solution to a real-life business problem.

    You will run a full design sprint and work in small groups. This leads to loads of insights about leading innovation, enabling teams to work directly with customers and building feedback loops into your work.

  • Agile Ways of working
  • Continous improvement
  • Deep dive into Agile practices & methods.

    Apply & learn how to deliver value through incremental development, release planning & a prioritised backlog of work.

    Learn to user Scrum and Kanban.

    Experience Scrum through a group exercise.

    Get insights about how to use Agile in your own work.

  • Agile HR Coach
  • Agile HR Operating Model
  • Evolve the Agile operating model in your company

    Understand Agile team development, Agile organisational design & transformation and your role in it

    Investigate Agility in your own domain area and present your findings to each other.

    Who is this program for?

    • Any level of business professionals (team members, team leads, business/area/function manager, business/area/function leader, project manager, functional specialists...)
    • No previous knowledge of Agile required
    • For any organisational Agile context - from full Agile to hybrid, or just starting with Agile
    • Suited for all industries and all sizes of companies
    • Suited for any kind of business domain professionals (operations, supply chain, sourcing, commercial, sales, R&D, strategy, PMO, change…)
    • For C-suite who want to modernise the culture, structures and management practices of a company and want to invest time in learning this properly in the first go
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    Format of the Agile Business Certified Practitioner training program

    • Learning is experienced through a blended learning sprint - a timeboxed period of work. Learning is mapped against our Business Agility Competency Model
    • Each sprint has a duration of 1 or 2 weeks. (for in-house cohorts we recommend 2-week sprints)
    • In each sprint you’ll experience blended learning. Self-studies, reading and watching videos on theory, exercises, discussions, application, and feedback. Each sprint ends with practically apply skills onto your case example.
    • Certification achieved by successful participation, passed assessments and finished digital self studies

    Sprint Pre-work (2 hrs)

    • Videos
    • Reading
    • Theory

    Study on our digital platform
    2 hours

    Online Training Session (3 hrs)

    • Fixed time & date Deepen learning
    • Theory recap
    • Interactive discussion
    • Learn from peers
    • Exercise
    • Set up sprint work
    • Reviews, reflection and Q&A

    Online training session
    3 hours
    Trainers stay in for questions and support for at least 15 minutes after the session

    Sprint Work (1 hrs)

    • Practical application in groups
    • Use Agile techniques
    • Practice
    • Develop skills

    Individual & Group exercise
    Application of Skills
    1 hour

    Certification assignment (1 hrs)

    • Apply what you have learnt to your case example
    • Reflect with the help of templates
    • Show evidence of your learning and skills against the capability model
    • Submit for feedback

    Each sprint ends with submitting your certification work.

    Agile Business Certified Practitioner

    When you meet a person who has been certified as a Agile Business Certified Practitioner by us you can be certain that they are professionals in Agile and have a capability of applying Agility in different contexts.

    Certification is achieved by

    • Participating in all the live sessions
    • Submitting assessment assignments (apply onto own example project)
    • Getting 7/10 capabilities approved by participation and assessments
    • Feedback from the assessor on your submission, ensuring deeper learning.
    • Finishing a minimum of 70% of the digital learning


    Certification is on a continuous assessment basis and involves no post-program work.

    Participants will choose a hypothetical service/product development case example for this program.  After each learning sprint they will apply what they have learnt onto their example case and submit their reflections for assessment. Their trainers will assess the level of Agile professionalism in their answers. The projects will not be delivered in reality, but projects are used as an application example.

    The submitted evidence is assessed against the Business Agility Capability Model (copyright). Assessors look for evidence that the participant truly understands and is able to apply the concepts, theories, methods and practices. The participant gets feedback every sprint about their application. 7/10 Capabilities need to be passed for completing certification.

    The Agile Business Certified Practitioner certificate and e-badge signifies your ability and skill in applying Agile practices and your ability in playing a key role in organisational transformation.

    If you for some reason can’t finish the certification assessments your participation in the training is awarded with an e-badge, “Business Agility program participation” to signify you have participated in the training.

    Agile Business Certified Practitioner Certificate & Badge

    Virtual vs. Face to Face

    Feature Digital Face-toFace
    Duration Four digital learning sprints, 7 hours per sprint Three digital learning sprints + One F2F day
    Total program content 28 hours 28 hours
    Total live coaching content 14 hours 7 hours
    Price From 1800 € per person + VAT From 1800 € per person + VAT
    Available remotely
    Available as public program
    Available as in-house program
    Public program locations
    Previous Agile experience Not required Not required


    1350 EUR/person + VAT

    • Offered only as in-house training programs
    • Minimum number of participants 14, maximum is 24.
    • The scheduling is agreed with the customer, the training will be delivered over a period of 4,6 or 8 weeks.

    Agile People Ops Capability Model ©

    We’ve described capabilities that evidence the Agile mindset, skillset, values and practices are adopted by people professionals, in People operations and in HR teams. This is Agile HR Community’s “Agile HR” capability model. We have called it Agile People Ops Capability model ©.

    We’re building our offering and assessing practitioners skills and abilities against this capability model. We can also evaluate a team’s Agile HR capability and practices, or audit a whole HR organization and practice on its agile maturity and build recommendations on the next steps of your evolution.

    Agile HR Operating Model

    Appreciates Agile is opposite to blueprinting & uses the cycle of test, learn & adapt to redesign how HR team collaborate

    thought of lightbulb


    Values employees as human beings that have emotions, needs & ideas, rather than resources to be managed


    Continous improvement

    Enables feedback loops and strives for continuous improvement at personal, team & organisational level


    Innovate Within Constraints

    Views Agile as risk mitigation & that innovation happens within clearly defined boundaries of regulation & compliance

    chemistry test


    Think like a scientist to test hypotheses, bust myths & validates decisions with data

    group huddle


    Deliver services, projects & products that support Agile practices & build a great place to work

    puzzle put together

    Agile Ways of working

    Applying Agile values & frameworks to your own HR work


    Agile HR Coach

    An influencer of Agile People strategy, helping Agile practices & collaboration flourish

    street sign

    Agile Context

    Able to speak the language of Agile & guide Agile organisational design

    up graph

    Business Value

    Commercially minded & builds people practices that help organisations delight their customer