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Through building shared value between customer, business and the people we’ll help you succeed in an increasingly complex business world and thrive in constant change. We do training, facilitation, change programs and consulting.

  • Certified Agile HR and Business Agile training programs

  • Deliver products that users love

  • Design excellent people experience

  • Build human centric workplaces, leadership and cultures

  • Lead agile transformation

  • Global reach with seven languages

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The Agile HR Community is about co-creating a healthy future of work, building excellent customer and people experience and delivering more value in less time. We coach organisations and people to navigate the continuously changing world successfully, developing high performing and healthy teams.

What is Agile HR?

Transforming the fundamental principles of Human Resources into modern People Operations leading Agile, digital and networked organisations.

Building adaptive and impactful people operations and delivering more value to the business.

Responding to people centric expectations and DE&I needs, by co-creating excellent end-to-end people and employee experience.

Establishing self-managing teams in People Operations. Bringing innovation, feedback and cross-functional collaboration into our work, making HR fun again! 

What is Business Agility?

The agile approach is transforming the fundamental principles of how value is delivered to customers.

Agile is about moving companies towards:

  • Customer centricity in all we do
  • Maximising innovation and value delivery
  • End-to-end product thinking
  • Ongoing feedback structures
  • Quarterly and monthly prioritisation
  • Networked team structure with self-management
  • Transparency into all work
  • Realistically balancing load with capacity


We deliver Agile HR and Business Agile trainings for HR and non-IT professionals and leaders.

Our certified Agile programs for HR, business professionals, Product owners and Scrum Masters are highly appreciated for their practical application and a learning-by-doing approach.

 Agile is for everyone,
not just IT and tech.

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Agile Trainings

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For you who are looking for a partner who can translate Agile to business people and non-tech people, and deliver impactful, energising and active hybrid/digital workshops. 



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An ongoing learning network where we share stories, ideas and case studies in applying Agile and Agile HR. Come and hear great speakers and take the chance to network with Agile HR enthusiasts.


Consulting in Agile HR

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How do you build Agile HR teams? We’ll hep you navigate Agile HR Operating models,  Agile portfolio management & governance models, and Agile HR Strategy. We coach Agile HR teams to success.

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Consulting in Agile change and business

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If you are looking for an Agile transformation partner, with years of experience across industries and an agnostic take on Agile models, look no further! We are all about modifying the Agile approach to fit your company’s purpose and maturity.

Consulting and change

Over 20+ years of experience in leading change, 10+ years in leading Agile transformations.

Several transformations, Agile models and different industries later we know what works, what the key moments are, and where it can go wrong.

The Agile HR Book

Deliver Value in a Changing World of Work

An essential guide for all HR practitioners wanting to make their HR practices Agile and drive business performance but don’t know where to start.

"This book brings the best of Scrum into People Operations"

Jeff Sutherland, Founder and Chairman, Scrum, inc

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Learn about applying and adopting Agile methodologies across the business with industry experts Jean-Christophe Almira and Riina Hellström.

We work with customers in all industries, locally, regionally and globally, in many different languages.

Our trusted network of experienced partners, consultants and trainers offer you the comfort of centralised program management with decentralised high-standard delivery.

Agile HR Community is a unique, small company with a big heart and global reach.