What is Agile HR?

Across the globe organisations are redesigning how to work in response to change and disruption. Agile is emerging as the new working paradigm with the customer centricity, responsiveness, resilience, rapid validation, skillful reprioritisation and an enriched user experience.

Agile HR is about applying all this skillfully and contextually in people operations and organisational development.

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Agile is rapidly emerging as the new working paradigm in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. Across the globe organisations and teams are redesigning how they work in response to change or disruption in their market, as well as the need to gain competitive advantage through digital innovation or an enriched customer experience.

Strategies and planning are shifting from long-term or annual towards an ongoing strategic dialogue and therefore towards quarterly planning. Companies are aiming to capture the opportunities and avoid the emerged risks sooner and quicker than ever before. Agility is the approach in not just the digital industries, but also in services, manufacturing, all consumer related businesses and even public organisations such as healthcare, government or defense. Read more about business agility here.

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While the businesses are adopting Agile practices and operating models the implications of this for Human Resources (HR) or People Operations are remarkable. Current HR and people practices are increasingly out-of- touch with Agile working methods, and leaders require support in how to scale Agile and transform their organisation.

During the previous decades the HR operations have been developed to serve the hierarchical, manager-led organisation, building compliance heavy HR processes through a one-size-fits-all lense. This often ended up with delivering people services and HR processes that managers or employees don’t find useful, helpful or value adding.

As an agile practitioner we approach our people projects and HR deliveries through the lense of the user and the stakeholder. People operations should only release products that are validated and tested with real employees and that really bring value to the business and the user.

We also acknowledge that HR increasingly operates in a complex environment and changes are inevitable for our projects and HR development initiatives. Thus, HR require Agile ways of working, responsive and frequent prioritising, team-based working practices and adopting structures for ongoing feedback, co-creation and validation with our people, managers and candidates.

Agile HR

Agile HR transforms the fundamental principles of HR to into People Operations leading Agile, digital and networked organisations.

The aim is to build a shared value between your customer, business and people by:

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Embracing the Agile mindset to incrementally deliver value to your customer, driven by feedback.

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Self-managing teams that experiment, co-create, innovate and validate solutions directly with your people.

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Delivering a unique and excellent people and employee experience across the employee journey.

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Evidence based decision-making that delivers customer value through data, analytics and empirical insight.


Agile Transformation & Leadership

Deep skills in Agile ways of working, applying them in both HR and the business.

Why work with us?

We are the pioneers of Agile HR, working and adopting this to people operations, change and organisational development. We are HR leaders ourselves, know the HR field outside-in, and have tens of examples of applying Agile in the HR context from over a decade. We combine our extensive background in senior Human Resource Management and Organisational Development with on-the-job experience applying Agile mindset and methodology across a wide range of industries and organisations.

This unique combination ensures you receive the thought leadership required to guide your professional development, and more importantly, the practical know-how to instantly translate your Agile HR skills back into your workplace.

The Agile HR Community is a direct answer to the gap that currently exists between what is taught by HR professional bodies and universities, and the real world where HR needs to design and lead Agile, digital and networked organisations across the globe. We combine bringing you the theory, served in your own language, to guiding you with hands-on practice, tools and methods to immediately start working this way in your own context.

We work with

Agile HR Community's Agile Capability model for People Operations

Agile HR Community is supporting HR transformation and delivering consulting, advising and training focusing on Agile in people operations. We are guided by our Agile People Ops Capability model (C), describing skills, behaviors, the mindset and the application of professional level Agile HR in people operations.

We have certified over 1500 HR professionals against this capability model, and we’re proud to say the people certified by us know what they are talking about and how to make Agile come alive in any company setting!

Certified Practitioners

What are companies
saying about Agile HR?

Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2023
Anyone can pick up a book to read about the basic principles of Agile HR, but the blended learning, including experiential exercises during this course, really bought the concepts and learning to life for me, and it was really rewarding to collaborate with HR professionals from other countries and cultures.
Debra Carmichael, Head of People & Culture at IWS Group
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2022
I absolutely loved this course! The content shared really helped me connect the dots between Agile practices and how they can be implemented within the HR function. The hands-on assignments I completed as part of this course solidified my understanding and I was able to immediately begin implementing some practices with my team. I am happy to be a part of the Agile HR community and look forward to continuing my development with this amazing group of Agile professionals!
Kristina Myrick, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2022
This was an incredibly rewarding and motivating experience – the confidence this program has instilled in me and my capabilities is invaluable!
Laura Canonaco, Advisor – Learning & Development, Enbridge
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2021
A seismic change in mindset, knowledge and practical skills development in just 4 weeks. Highly recommended for those who are human centred in their approach to HR and want to be credible, value drivers in an organisation.
Fran Hampton, Senior HR Business Partner at comparethemarket.com
Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program 2021
A well organised, fast-paced but effective delve into the world of Agile and how it can be bought to life in HR. I really enjoyed the globally dispersed cohort I was with that gave diverse view points of different projects. A great experience not to be missed!
Emma Johnson, Leadership Development and talent Manager at Co-op

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