Agile Consulting & Coaching

Are you developing a more adaptive, agile and resilient organisation? 

  • Agile Transformations, organisational development & executive support
  • Redesigning people operations and HR
  • Agile team support
  • Adaptive strategy & agile portfolio management for business and HR
  • Leadership Development 
  • Designing and delivering excellent Employee experience
  • Facilitating workshops, change and strategy co-creation, and large-room planning sessions.
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We're specialised in Agile organisational development for non-IT operations.

For you who want to establish adaptive and agile ways of working, without using the IT-language.

We have worked with Services, Product Development, Manufacturing, Operations, Sales & Commercial, Supply chain, Sourcing, Quality, Communications and HR.

Agile for Teams

Initial stage agile teams

We help teams in all maturity stages to set up and lead their adaptive ways of working.  In the initiation stage we upskill the team.

Agile team delivery coaching

We coach and support the teams in starting the agile projects, setting up the ways of working and adopt a cycle of continuous improvement.

Mature team performance

For more experienced teams the coaching dives in on performance, communication, wellbeing and amazing team work.

Building Scrum Master and Product owner capabilities

We train, build communities, and do coaching of Scrum Masters and Product Owners, who appreciate someone more experienced to speak with, when encountering challenges between traditional and agile operations and among the agile team.

  • Agile team coaching
  • Scrum Masters for non-IT teams
  • Kick-offs for Agile teams
  • Developing Scrum Master

Agile for Leaders

Why Agile?

Establishing a common understanding of what Organisational and business agility means is one of our strengths. 

Agile change consulting & facilitation

We deliver workshops for leaders to agree where, how and when to start a transformation. Then advise and facilitate the transformation. 

 Adaptive strategy and planning

Agility requires an adaptive strategy and frequent business and operations planning cadence. We facilitate prioritisation workshops and setting up the quarterly planning process.

Scaled strategy communication and workshops

We design, plan and deliver scaled workshops over hundreds of participants for strategy communication, change initiation, involvement and innovation. 

  • Agile leadership development
  • Design and facilitation of workshops to Leadership teams
  • 1-on-1 business coaching sessions for Leaders
  • Facilitation of strategy development, change program workshops. 
  • Design and facilitation of business prioritisation events, quarterly planning meetings, adaptive strategy updates. 
  • Planning and supporting organisation wide change and transformation programs and communication.

Agile for HR & People operations

Onboarding large HR teams

We help your teams get onboarded and energized around Agile HR, build professional capabilities in Agile HR. We can scale understanding the agile mindset across large, international HR teams in a short time. 

People operations transformations

Support in redesigning your people operations, roles, teams, and co-creating a change path together with your people. CHRO’s and Change program leads also find value in an extra brain and sparring partner. 

Adaptive people strategy & planning

Building the people operations agile steering structures, including and adaptive and agile HR strategy, quarterly portfolio planning across strategic, tactical and operational HR work.

Employee experience consulting

We’ll upskill and coach your people and culture teams through your real employee experience projects. With our guidance they will design, test, validate and implement new HR/people practices. Programs between 1-6 months where HR teams do real process/service changes. 

  • Agile HR Consulting
  • Agile HR Coaching
  • Design thinking in HR – facilitation of redesign of people operations and processes
  • Employee Experience consulting

Agile organisational development

Change design and facilitation

We’re respecting the history and achievements, while stretching the people to see what’s necessary for the future. Our experience spans very agile tech companies all the way to very traditional global corporates and their functions. We don’t come with ready made solutions, we co-create the change fit to purpose and your context. 

Scaling Agile in non-IT functions

We’ve worked with different Agile scaled models in multiple different industries. (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum at Scale, Tribe model, and have a library of other models for different scaling needs. Scaling agile can be done in a more organic way or through a more centrally influenced way. We’ll support you in either. 

Leading Agile Transformations 

Lead Enterprise Agile Coach roles are sometimes hard to find. Instead of leading your transformation for you, we’ll lead it with you.  Agile transformations in Business Units, Regional areas and medium to large companies and influencing people on scale. 

  • Agile transformation consulting
  • Scaling Agile in non-IT business units and functions – Advising, consulting and change program facilitation
  • Design and facilitation of new strategy adoption across your organisation
  • Design and facilitation of invitational and human centric organisational change

Snapshot of our case studies

Customer: Thales

Upskilling the Talent Acquisition in Agile combined with professional HR Scrum master support took the team to a totally new level of engagement and delivery.
Lego workshop

Customer: Global corporation in the hardware industry with 50.000 employees

Training hundreds of leaders and managers across the company businesses, countries and functions to understand business agility

Customer: VERO – Tax Authority in Finland, 3000 employees

Executive team development and support to lead the most extensive change program in the history of the Tax Authorities.
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Looking for in-house Agile training?

Our programs are loved by non-IT folks, because of the hands-on approach that is preparing people to adopt the Agile practices and lead Agile