Agile Transformation and Change

Moving towards a self-managing networked organisation at the
TietoEvry Customer Experience Management Unit

As a spearhead agile unit at Tieto, Tieto CEM refreshed their strategy and headed out to bring more value to their customers through agile, self-managing teams. Tieto CEM is a Nordic digital & business consulting unit within digital customer experience management with large international customers. We worked with Tieto CEM leaders and transformation leads with

  • Designing and facilitating a simultaneous, self-managed and scaled strategy communication day for all 350 people within a day
  • Training the executive team in agile organisational development
  • Advising and coaching the executive team in transformation
  • Facilitating transformation and portfolio planning on high level.
Manager workshop with managers and post-its

I can wholeheartedly recommend Agile HR Community to coach, consult and support in any challenging agile transformation. Their ability to work with various different stakeholders, changing the abstraction levels all the way from top executives and leadership teams to grass roots level is just awesome. Strong facilitation skills with various techniques enable everyone feel inclusion and safety when working. Deep theoretical understanding and critical thinking combined with excessive hands-on experience of agile transformation is impressive. All this combined with high moral and trustworthiness, eventually maximising the value for customer, makes it fantastic to have you supporting us in a transformation process.

The objective

Tieto CEM had a very exciting new strategy, building on growing the business and moving towards a more self-managing, people first culture. To increase competitiveness in the digital consulting market in the Nordics and to improve speed and customer value delivery Tieto CEM headed out to fully transform the way they worked.  Tieto CEM was looking to double their revenue within 1-2 years, while redefining how they work at the same time. This of course includes mergers and onboarding new colleagues, hiring talent and co-creating the culture and ways of working. Tieto CEM was keen on finding a partner who shared a deep respect and integrity for people in change leadership. They wanted to facilitate transformation through an invitational change program, building on people’s own participation, egnagement and will to change. Highly skilled digital teams with architects, developers, designers, customer journey specialists, service designers set out to define what the new organisation meant for them. 

Our approach

Workshop with post it notes

Inclusive change

The leadership team had defined a strong vision. The first step was to design a journey to make this vision a shared one, getting people excited around the goals and the opportunities to build their culture themselves. We designed and facilitated a remote scaled strategy engagement day where every team had a chance to connect with the vision and strategy, share their comments and concerns. We created an ongoing listening and dialogue channels to the teams and the people, building inclusive change. 

A key to success was a seamless, shared value base and trust between us and the leadership team.


Transformation facilitation and roadmap

The agile transformation was facilitated on high level with a transformation roadmap or portfolio. Different change streams were set up and we worked through incremental transformation planning in the executive team.

The transformation included a lot of workshops and training for employees and line managers, some of which were designed and facilitated by us. For example a workshop with 50 line managers where we redefined the management’s and managers’ roles in the new structure that had less hierarchy and less need for the traditional line manager role. 

Performance management & reward tweak

While we know how to work with global HR people, in great cooperation with them we tweaked the corporate performance and reward framework to enable agile team work in this Unit (instead of individual annual target setting).

One-on-one coaching

We supported leaders and managers around their personal leadership. 


Clear strategy

All teams were clear on the goal and vision. The teams had identified how to start their own change journey.

Transformation coordination

The Leadership team got a transformation planning cadence and structure set up.

Networked team of teams operating model

During our collaboration 250 people were onboarded to the new "Team of teams" model, while the unit was growing from 350 people to over 600 people. (More were onboarded thereafter).

Unified Leadership Team

The Leadership team started really leading the transformation as a team, removing obstacles and individual egos.

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