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Design Thinking in HR


What is the Design Thinking in HR training program?

Design thinking is a whole body of knowledge around how to build user centricity, customer value and rapid innovation and validation into product and service development. Design thinking in HR has become a huge theme.  This training program will onboard you to what design thinking is all about and offer you tools and templates that you can use immediately in your HR work.

You’ll work through a real design sprint, stepwise trying the tools to solve an HR or business problem. This program builds on hands-on learning and application and is awarded by a certification for evidencing design thinking skills and application in your real work.

Design thinking tools and practices will help you innovate and co-create and develop HR products and services that your people will love! Design thinking deeply connects with DE&I values, and using design thinking tools, methods and practices will help you build in DE&I approach into your every product and service.

Why should you attend this program?

  • Your HR team wants to get ready for the future!
  • The Employee Experience is crucial for you, and you want to ensure you develop people-first solutions
  • You are seeking to redesign a people practice or process, and want to design a fantastic experience
  • You want to influence a whole HR team to incorporate design thinking into your work
  • You want to build great places to work and attract the best talent
  • You will be implementing HR IT systems or tools, and want to know your users and cater for their needs
  • You want to put the human back in Human Resources and ditch the “resources”.
  • DE&I is central to your company, and you want to ensure your HR practices are inclusive.
Design Thinking 2021
“The fast pace and creative collaboration with fellow HR professionals from all over the world was super inspiring! Now I know how to bring user and customer centricity to everything we do in HR…”
Design Thinking 2021
“…The active hands on experience was so much fun! Additionally I can use what we learnt immediately in my own organisation and work.”
Benefits of the Design Thinking in HR training program
  • Understand how will hold the user and customer at the heart of HR
  • Gain practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Design thinking and customer centricity to your own work
  • Co-create a great employee experience using design thinking
  • Learn a structured way to ideate and innovate together with your peers!
  • Bring DE&I alive in all of your people products and services
  • Immediately apply design thinking tools and mindset to real HR topics
  • Make HR FUN again!

Format and content for the Design Thinking in HR training program

  • Your learning will be experienced through an interactive and energising design sprint of 3 weeks
  • The learning is experience based learning and your presence and interaction is needed in every step of the program
  • You will work in small groups with an example case using templates throughout the class: redesigning an onboarding process or reimagining the exit experience.
  • You will be alternating between live facilitated sessions and self-managed group work
  • Your learning is supported by the pre-learning materials (videos and instructions) and further digital material to deepen the learning
  • You will be learning by experiencing, doing, and having a lot of fun!
  • You would need to log in via a computer or a laptop, and be ready to speak, write on the keyboard and be on camera when working in the smaller groups. Prepare to log in without distractions from a calm place.
  • You will evidence learning design thinking by submitting your case study materials and an individual reflection of applying the learning in your own work. The trainer will assess your capability and give you feedback.

Flow and contents of the Design Thinking in HR training program

Program flow

We’ll start with a kick-off to let small groups get introduced, and we will also walk you through the Design thinking program and the expectations for being awarded the certification.

Throughout the program you’ll work in a small group with a common goal: you’ll innovate and redesign either an hypothetical onboarding experience or an exit experience. In the group you experience a full design sprint exercise taking your product all the way from understanding what the true needs of the users are to testing and validating your prototype to solve any pain points and/or to deliver a great onboarding/exit experience.

In the end of the program you’ll submit your application ideas from the group, and your personal reflections on how you’ll use Design thinking in your own role.


• Kick-off 1 hour

• Meet and greet your small group

• Introduction to the program & expectations

• Meet and greet your small group

• In your groups: Choose which problem you want to work on in the design sprint (onboarding or exit experience)

• Learn about personas

• Define limitations and constraints

  • Human Centric
  • Group work is 1 hour, self-organised in small group right after kick off.

    • A fun and engaging personas exercise in your small group. Who are your user groups? What are their needs, wants, fears and requirements?

    • Individual learning (1 hour): Study the design thinking theory on our virtual learning platform and prepare for the design sprint.

  • Co-create
  • • The double diamond and examples from HR
    • In this session we're diving into running a fast-paced, energetic and practical Design sprint. In your groups you will familiarise with design thinking tools, methods, and practices through trying them in the exercise.
    • Design sprint exercise: from Empathising, Categorising, Define
    • Be prepared for having fun, being energised and so many insights!

    • Ideation, prototyping theory

  • Innovate within contraints
  • Group work (1.5 hours, self-organised in small group)
    • The super fun part of design thinking: Ideation!
    • Build your group's prototype & plan your validation

  • Evidence-based
  • • Second part of our design sprint. Interactive and insightful session for getting rapid feedback.
    • Testing theory and practices
    • Test your prototype
    • Discussion and Insights
    • Q&A
    • Prepare for submitting your certification material

    1 week post training sessions:
    Submit certification material from group + personal reflection
    The trainer will assess your application skills against the Agile People Ops Capability Model (© 2017-2022 Agile HR Community, All rights reserved). 


    Certification is awarded for successful participation and evidencing Design Thinking skills in HR:

    • Participating in all the sessions (facilitated and group work sessions)
    • Doing the pre-studies on the digital platform
    • Delivering the group’s certification material in time
    • Delivering individual adoption and application reflections in your own work to be assessed.
    • The trainer will assess the submissions against the Agile People Ops Capability model ©  and give you feedback.
    • We are assessing four capabilities: Human-centricity, Co-create, Innovate within constraints and Evidence Based.
    Design Thinking in HR Certificate and Badge

    Schedules and Price

    • For in-house virtual deliveries, 4,900 EUR excl. VAT for up to 10 participants, each additional participant costs 490 EUR excl. VAT.
    • The maximum number of participants is 40 persons