Agile HR enables human centric people operations and excellent employee experience.

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What is Agile HR? 


Transforming the fundamental principles, mindset and ways of working in people operations. Deliver more value and frequent releases to the business.

Applying design and human centered approaches to build people products and services.

Bringing structure and a incremental discipline to lead HR work leading to an adaptive and impactful approach that maximises the value/effort for your team.

Co-creating excellent end-to-end people experiences with our employees!

Bringing innovation, feedback and cross-functional collaboration into our work, making HR fun again!

Agile for HR

How HR teams use Agile practiced to deliver great people products and services.

Agile HR teams work in a fundamentally different way than the traditional HR team

Cross-functions, incremental, test-and-learn, experiment and validate. Engaging team work with focus on the value and the customer!

HR for Agile

How HR delivers modern people policies, products and services enabling business Agility in Agile transformations

Upskilling and trainin HR people in Agile approaches so they don’t become blockers of business Agility

Redesigning processes such as career, performance and reward to fit Agile business operating models.

End-to-end Employee Experience

Through prototyping, experimenting and feedback, we build validated people products that employees actually want to use!

We approach this with product thinking and stepwise releases. 

Built and maintain lovable people products for the employees and organisation!

Agile HR Book

Grab your discount code for the Agile HR book here. Loved by people professionals globally

“The authors have distilled years of Agile HR knowledge and experience into one practical book. This is the toolkit every HR professional of the 21st century needs. I wish I had this book years ago.”

Agile HR training

From beginners to seasoned Agilists

Our training programs are developed for different levels of learning.

Level 1 – Mindset and introductions

Level 2 – Hans-on training, apply immediately

Level 3 – Professional skills and organisational Agility

Modern HR Training

Experience trainers – Delivered by HR Leaders.

Fully remote, on-site or hybrid approaches.

Impactful learning – bite sized, experimental, practical & social!

Certified for evidencing skills (not for presence).

Support for Agile projects and teams

After your training we can support your adoption through Agile coaching engagements

Teams trying an Agile approach appreciate support to navigate their first iterations

More mature Agile teams appreciate experienced team coaching for improvements and high performance.

Access the Agile HR in a Nutshell infographic for free

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By Agile HR Community and Mia Kolmodin