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Agile HR Case study: Agile values in designing modern rewarding practices

Join us to learn how the People team at Threads styling went through the intriguing journey to design modern pay and rewarding practices, including building great user experience and communications around the new practice!

kate-randKate Rand, Lead Trainer and associate in the UK for Agile HR Community, and CPO at Threads Styling LTD will be sharing the learnings from this Agile people operations case study.
Kate’s very innovative Agile People Team are continuously redefining what people operations is all about, challenging the norms and using Agile HR every day.
In this meetup Kate will share how the team has developed transparent pay bands and career paths without it all becoming a boring spreadsheet exercise.

“At Threads styling we have learned from our people that career paths and transparent pay banding are very important. Career paths have historically been something that lives in a spreadsheet, a power point report or a very expensive system. We needed to find a tool with great user experience, and a moderate cost that would be suited for growing SME’s.


Riina Hellström is an Agile HR pioneer and enterprise organisational development professional.
She was among the first HR leaders pioneering in #AgileHR in 2010. She’s worked in transformations with scaling Agile across businesses with Scrum at Scale, SAFe and the Spotify Model, and helped several HR teams redesign their journey towards Agile operative models. She is the first HR professional globally to achieve the Licensed Scrum at Scale trainer. Her specialty is Agile Leadership and the organisational structures for Agile operations.

She is the author of the book Agile HR – Delivering value in the changing world of work (Kogan Page 2020), a book that is quickly becoming the go-to guide for Agile HR.

During the process we also learned that many taboos in rewarding are there to be refreshed and tossed – let’s embrace breaking down those elephant sized problems and solving them incrementally!

We’re thrilled of what the people team can help the business with after this redesign:

  • Affordable benchmarking on salaries, following an incremental release cycle
  • As much transparency to employees as possible
  • Clear career journeys and position descriptions, with roles visually available to compare.
  • Career conversations delivered by the people team – coaching team members on how they develop horizontally or vertically.
  • Career pathways launching incrementally – department by department, with the review and refresh built in

I’m glad to be able to share our learnings and hope to inspire other SME’s, and why not corporations, to have the courage to challenge the status quo, redefining even our core, traditional processes together!


July 26, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm BST
Location and Language:
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