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Agile hardware meets Agile software – Leading a global Agile transformation journey

Join us to learn from one of the most complex Agile transformation journeys, where hardware meets software in an agile way.

We are excited to announce a much-anticipated event for our community! Join us to explore one of the most intricate Agile transformation narratives, where the realms of hardware and software converge in an agile manner on a global scale.

It’s our pleasure to welcome Jean-Christophe (JC) Almira, a seasoned Transformation Officer and R&D Leader with over two decades of experience. JC will impart his valuable insights from an extensive Agile business transformation journey. His leadership acumen has been instrumental in spearheading this transformation across diverse continents, cultures, and technological domains.

We will delve into the dynamic world of R&D, revolutionised by the agile disruption in product development. While digital and software sectors have already embraced the agile rhythm, the intriguing aspect lies in integrating digital innovation within the hardware-oriented product development sphere.

The session will explore the fascinating intersection of hardware – the foundational ‘nuts and bolts’ of product development, sourcing, and supply chains – with the digital facets of product development. How do these seemingly disparate elements achieve harmony and synchronisation?

JC is set to share pivotal experiences from a traditional R&D unit’s odyssey towards redefining product development paradigms, adopting and harmonising Agile methodologies across a global workforce of 1,200 in both hardware and software R&D.

This is a narrative not to be missed – a case study illustrating one of the most challenging Agile transformations. It’s a journey of introducing a new mindset and logic to a conventional engineering culture, traditionally governed by standards, waterfall methodologies, and meticulous planning. This transformation story encompasses the challenges and triumphs of implementing Agile practices across time zones, diverse teams, and the dual realms of hardware and software.

Riina Hellström, Founder of the Agile HR Community, has been a pivotal figure in guiding and supporting this Agile journey. We are incredibly grateful and excited for JC and Riina to discuss their experiences, covering the successes, learnings, and various challenges of this transformation with our community.

Our meet-up promises a relaxed and informal atmosphere. JC will commence with a presentation, followed by a discussion with Riina Hellström. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A session towards the end. We look forward to your participation in this enlightening event.

Jean-Christophe (JC) Almira, R&D Executive

“I am passionate about developing global R&D operations and transforming them to create value for our customers”
JC Almira a global R&D Leader working with product and R&D organization strategy. He has leading the deployment of new Operating Models and has served as Senior Vice President and Head of Equipment R&D at KONE. JC is passionate about customer-centricity and lifelong learning. Over 2021-2023, he was responsible for transforming KONE’s equipment R&D operations globally to a fully agile operating model to be able to respond to rapidly changing customer needs at speed and scale.
JC’s career is rich with international experiences – working in China, USA and Finland, as well as bringing to market multiple equipment products with customer centricity in mind for over 20 years.

February 8
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT
Location and Language:
online in
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